There are several types of Cable trays, pick the best for your application

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Cable trays are widely used in buildings to support insulated electric cables circuits. There is high demand for cable trays in power and telecommunication sectors. Nowadays insulated cables gain a high popularity because of their advantages over the conventional open wiring system.

There are several designs and Applications of cable trays. Users are supposed to do research to find out the most suitable solution for their purpose.

Ventilated trays

They have openings or gaps in the bottom to provide airflow and water drainage. Also, there is less dust accumulation in these trays because of the gaps. Hence, they are appropriate for densely crowded areas or marketplaces. They are covered at the top so that cables get protection from falling objects. Sometimes the tops are tapered a little bit so that dust and debris slip down.

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Wire mesh trays

When you want something lightweight but sturdy option, there is nothing better than wire mesh trays. Typically they are called cable baskets, and they can be found in the majority of telecommunication applications.

Ladder Trays

Applications of cable trays that need support at the intervals of 10 to 30 feet need good quality ladder trays. They are ideal for cable control systems or power cables. They offer fantastic protection to the cables. Ladder trays have supports at regular intervals (typically at the distance of 100 to 300 cm). Hence, the tray looks like a ladder from the ground.

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Cable through Trays

These trays have gaps at the bottom, and they are in metallic and non-metallic types. They are good for systems that generate moderate heat. The gaps allow proper airflow so that temperature doesn’t rise beyond a certain level. Cable through trays become rapidly popular in several industrial applications.

Fiberglass trays

These trays are useful in offering support for fiberglass cables (FRP or Fiber Reinforced Plastic cables to be precise). They are useful in corrosive applications because special PV Resin makes it totally anti-corrosive. They are available in the fire-resistant self-extinguishing category. Always buy Fiberglass cables with 1 Flame rating to ensure utmost fire safety.

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Pick the best tray fittings for Applications of cable trays at your workplace. Fittings should be compatible with the style and design of the trays and provided by the cable tray manufacturer. Horizontal elbows are used for changing the direction of the cables. They can give an angle of up to 90 degrees in any direction in the same plane. Catch hold of good manufacturer for better quality.

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