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This last weekend I had the pleasure of attending a Live MLM Training here locally.

Well, not exactly “local” as I had a 4 hour drive to get there, but you get my idea.

If you hadn’t seen the updates on my Facebook page – or the individual posts on their own fan page – My Lead System Pro is now doing live events in large cities throughout the country.

As popularity grows, you can anticipate seeing more and more as the months go by.

Saturday was the very first one ever held here in the Pacific Northwest. This article is dedicated to this specific day of training.

Moving along, here are my Top 5 Reasons…

#1 Reason

Getting to meet people face to face! This should be the main reason for anyone!

It’s easy to forget that we are involved with real people given that we deal with “cyber” based people all the time on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

This last Saturday, I finally got a chance to meet Norbert Network Marketing (co-creator of MLSP) face to face. Yeah, I’ve been with him and the system even before MLSP launched back in 2008. But I finally got a chance to meet up with him. It always seems that the times there has been events in the past, something else always seemed to get in the way with our schedules.

Anyways, my point is that building a connection with people is crucial – especially in your online business. Can you think of a better way to do it than in person?

Reason 2

Guest speakers!

Now, as you can imagine, not every live mlm training that you attend will have an awesome guest speaker.

Some might be small and intimate.

But for the events that are both small and have a guest speaker attending, you’re in the gold!

For this event on Saturday, Norbert had arraigned for Todd Falcone to do a special presentation just for us.

How cool is that? Small room, small group, one of the top producers in MLM today sharing techniques and strategies of how he ties offline and online marketing together.

Not too bad I’d say!

Remind me sometime to actually talk to you about his training. It’s kinda crazy just how stupidly simple it really is.

I never thought I’d be eating lunch with Todd and Norbert – and spend our time talking about potty training our kids – instead of internet marketing.


Reason 3

Tips and Tactics you may never hear anywhere else.

Have you ever heard people tell you that you NEED to attend these live events?

Let me explain the reason for that.

At this Live MLSP event, we learned of a handful of things that are going to be of great success to us in this industry. But we’re ahead of the game as no one else is using this stuff yet.

Because of this live event, I got to start using these tactics as soon as I got home, and implement them way ahead of the masses.

And because of that, I’m already starting to see some success from it.

Don’t worry, you’ll be finding out all about them in the coming days.

What kind of person do you think I am. I wouldn’t just leave you out of the loop.

Reason 4

The Chance to Network with Other Marketers

Obviously, the internet is a WIDE open market you can meet anyone clear across the globe from you in a matter of seconds.

Well, wouldn’t it be nice to network with someone locally?

Use these live events to meet your fellow marketers, mastermind, exchange contact info, brainstorm on a plan for the future.

At this particular event, I got the chance to connect with three other local marketers and are looking to start masterminding here locally.

Reason #5

Pics and Videos with the Host and Guests

Now, you’ve seen pics that other people put up posing with the top income earners.

That is just an example of the things you can use to help brand you as a leader and a mentor.

When someone starts out brand new into internet marketing, their head is probably swimming with ideas of how to “brand yourself.”

This is a great way to help show social proof that you’re out there, getting involved, constantly learning, and getting involved.

Get pics with your upline, the top earners, the big names that are out there!

Unless you’re really good with digitally editing photos.

In Conclusion, or so they say…

Once involved, you will find that attending a Live MLM Training event is one of the most powerful forms of insider training and networking for you and your own team. To Learn more about the importance of live events and how it can help you and your mastermind team, visit Linus Ruzicka’s blog on MLM Training.

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