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A public-relations campaign can go wrong anytime. Needless to say, a flawed PR campaign can spell disaster for any public relation firm. A PR crisis needs to be managed with equal efficiency as a campaign. There are no golden rules of handing a PR crisis. Few common steps and over all rethinking can do the trick and get you out of the pit as a winner. Here are few steps that can help you deal with PR crisis:

Gather official and authentic facts
The very first question in PR crisis is – why did this happen? Once a PR campaign fails there are numerous stories that start rolling down the mill. Humors and news from unreliable resources can damage the situation even more. So before taking any action, as a PR firm ensures that you gather all the required information from all possible sources and refrain from getting carried away by one sided talks.

Analysis of the issue ethically and objectively
An ethical analysis of the whole issue along with an objective approach can help you deal with a PR crisis. Unless you try to see the points from an outsider point if view, it is difficult to see what are the areas that went wrong and needs to be rectified. Along with this using ethical and honest measures too will help you gain the lost confidence back in more ways than one.

Prioritize an immediate action.
There would be many things creating flicker in your mind, but what is essential is to understand and prioritize your line of action. Too many things at a time can create havoc and spoil the existing situation. Make sure you give lot of importance to your clients and customers even if you feel there other issues that need more attention.

Accept the error
It is a said and done fact the once you realize your mistakes and own it, you win half the battle. It is important that you own your mistake and stop blaming others for it. This way you become much more responsible and an unflinching diagnosis of the problem will help in winning back the client’s trust.

Apologize and move on
There is no point in brooding over the same thing again and again. The best thing is to apologize for the act and move on with better plan for the future.

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PR crisis is nothing new and can happen to anyone. But what is important is to ensure that it doesn’t happen again and again. A correct approach and honestly will settle you back at the right place with renewed customer satisfaction and trust as a reliable PR agency.

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