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The Waiting Game

Kelli is in the waiting room of a highly skilled and apparently highly popular cosmetic surgeon. Of course she isn’t there for any enhancements, only to have a small mole on the back of her neck checked out. She’s a very responsible young school teacher, often mistaken for one of her students by fellow staff at the high school where she teaches. Kelli’s just a normal young woman, until Trevor sits next to her in the waiting room. Trevor is a friendly man, and a very conversational one, starting right in on various topics to pass the time as they each wait in the crowded room to see the doctor. As the two of them talk, Kelli finds the topics steadily becoming more and more directed at her, and more importantly at her body. She doesn’t mind at all, and surprisingly finds talking to Trevor to be unusually easy. Maybe he has some different ideas but those ideas might just be what she was looking for. Ways to better make sure she isn’t mistaken for some juvenile again, ways to motivate her students to get better grades, and even ways of keeping her fellow teachers stimulated throughout the day; Trevor has many ideas. By the time Kelli’s name is called, will she still be simply wanting a mole looked at or will things be getting much more top heavy and extreme for the friendly young teacher?Find out as Readers Choice Month goes Konversational with an all dialogue story where many things change, and everyone loves embracing those changes.

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