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Lagos, as with many Portuguese cities, has managed to survive a number of natural disasters, some of which have been caused by man and some natural, and of course because of its location in the south west of Portugal, it was of much strategic importance in the past. This of course also resulted in it changing hands on numerous occasions as various nationalities recognized its importance as far as naval activities were concerned. Following this, Lagos was hit by a severe earthquake back in 1755, but as one can see today, Lagos rebounded and is once more a beautiful city which many people call home.

The Perfect Location: There are several things which make Lagos such an appealing place, one of which is the fact that the region is readily accessible by car, train, or even by boat, and what’s more, it is situated just 75km from Faro International Airport. Those arriving at the Airport can either drive to Lagos or take a bus, and the same applies to those who are traveling from Lisbon. Additionally, there are several different bus lines that connect Lagos to the vast majority of other towns and cities, so even though it’s not the most centrally situated city, getting there certainly doesn’t pose a problem, and of course this is something which many people take into consideration when deciding to purchase a Lagos property.

Economy: Lagos has prospered under the recent boom in tourism, and will likely continue to flourish. With a wide variety of accommodations and activities available to tourists, demand remains high for both property and services. For these reasons, Lagos is proving an attractive place to invest in property for medium to long term gains.

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Quaint Atmosphere: Unlike some other Portuguese cities, Lagos has managed to retain its “small town atmosphere”, even though it has experienced continuous growth. This is of course partly due to the fact that there are several areas within the city which have been designated as pedestrian only areas. Another charming aspect of the city is the fact that there are still many areas which remain encircled by the remains of medieval walls, and of course these stand alongside a colorful variety of cafes and roadside restaurants.

Wonderful Geography: It simply cannot be denied that Lagos boasts some of the region’s most stunning coastline. For example, one can take a trip from Praia de Dona Ana to Ponta da Piedade where you’ll be greeted by a spectacular rock formation which stretches far out into the turquoise colored waters of the ocean. There are also a number of caves in the area which tend to enhance the natural mystique of the various overhangs, pillars, and strange looking archways. It’s hardly surprising that so many visitors to the area go away with the dream of owning a property in Lagos.

Activities: Lagos offers a wide array of activities which cater to both tourist and resident. From dolphin watching tours to parasailing and visiting the zoo, there is no lack of things to do in this city. A variety of museums, galleries and historical landmarks also dot this city lending a cultural air to the small city. Nights come alive in Lagos when street entertainers spill out onto the roads to complement the variety of bars, restaurants and nightclubs that come alive after dark. People are attracted to Lagos in part due to the vast array of water and land activities available.

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Beaches: In Portuguese the word “praia” means beach, and Lagos has no lack of beautiful ones. The most popular, and populated beach in Lagos is the Praia Dona Ana with plenty of parking and the nearby cliffs afford a level of shade that is not found in some of the other beaches. The Praia do Camilo is another beach, but this one is secluded and less popular with the tourists. Jewel like waters are serene off the coast of this beach, and you can pass through a natural rock tunnel to reach another beach. This particular beach is a great beach for snorkeling.

Golfing: Golf is just as important to residents in Lagos as it is to residents in all the parts of the Algarve. This has resulted in the area having some spectacular golf courses, all of which are surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful scenery. The endless ocean views, lush green hills, and imposing cliffs, all make for a very memorable round of golf.

Buy to Let: Something which remains extremely popular in Lagos is the concept of purchasing Lagos property with the sole intension of renting it out in order to have an additional income. Many people who have decided to invest in Lagos property have been extremely happy with the fact that there are several property management companies in the area capable of maintaining your property. This is of course important because many visitors to Lagos tend to be long term to tourists looking for long term rentals. These are people who try to escape the cold, cruel winter experienced in many other European countries.

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Climate: The climate in Lagos is unsurpassed. Year-round blue skies and mild temperatures make Lagos one of the healthiest climates in Europe, and one of the best for golfing. Temperatures are rarely extremely hot or cold, and even the hottest days often have a refreshing breeze from the ocean to cool things down. People with health issues or those just wanting to escape the harsher climates of other countries are often attracted to Lagos as location to purchase property.

With its small town charm, stunning beaches and enviable climate, Lagos has much to offer those who are looking to purchase property in Portugal. Unlike some of the other more touristy areas of the Algarve, Lagos has retained a charm that is appealing to many, while at the same time providing modern services and amenities essential to both resident and tourist.

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