Top Tips for helping you Find jobs through Social Media Networks

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If you are still looking for that coveted job on job searching websites – you may find yourself in a better position by trying the social networking route. Browsing on networking portals like Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or Facebook can get you leads or access to jobs in India – those which fit your qualifications and job requirements.

However, it is not as simple as it seems on the very onset. Searching social networking forums for employment in India can be tricky. These simple but effective tips go a long way in helping you woo potential employers and job providers through your well formatted tweets, LinkedIn recommendations and Facebook updates.

Conduct an honest review of your own online reputation

Social networking forums have their own privacy issues. As a frequent user, you must be aware that your posts, photos and updates are visible to the world at large. You must be careful of your online reputation and remember that employers and head hunters can see your online activities and behaviour -even before you contact them for a job position. So, if you are planning to look for employment in India through your social contacts the go ahead and delete all objectionable comments and pictures and make sure you refrain from cribbing about your present employer on the same.

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Bring about positive changes in your online habits and showcase your best traits

If you plan to start your tryst with destiny and search jobs on Facebook or Twitter, it makes good sense to bring about positive reforms in your online behaviour and habits. A positive impression leaves a greater impact than a more negative one. So if you want your perspective employers to know about your traits and qualifications then act accordingly. For example, if you are looking for IT jobs in India, or Banking jobs in India, or jobs in Chennai then it makes good sense to let your updates talk about your passion for technology and your knowledge about the latest gizmos and software products.

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Finding the right place for lucrative employment in India

These social networking websites may be accessible and open – but not knowing the right place to find jobs can lead you through a maze of applications and links that may prove to be of no avail. Online job directories like Twellow are very reliable and help you locate the best jobs in Bangalore and other cities.

The keyword trackers of the like of Monitter are also helpful in searching valid information linked to your keywords and job search criteria. With plenty of online tools, social networking sites are also help through apps like Twitscoop–which helps in tracking job trends and availability of specific jobs in Chennai and other metropolitan centres. Groups and forums which are reputed for discussing your interests and replying to your job related queries are also the correct place for showcasing your talents and job requirements.

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The idea is to get across to potential employers and relevant players in the field of jobs opportunities in India. Perfect online relationships and wise self portrayal will help you put forth your skills, industry of choice and all relevant information about your academic qualifications, work experience, special accolades, achievements in workplace and ambitions for the future–along with helping you find the best job for yourself in the sub continent.

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