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Our news aggregation engine prioritizes each news article and video across the globe. So that user can cover all important news articles in a moment without having to go through junk news. You will be on top of the latest hot news with just a glance at our home page.
Quick filters:
You can filter news by Country, State, Language, Channels, Genres and Videos instantly. So that you can find what you are looking for in just 2 clicks.
You can customize the app using NewsDistill preferences. If you are looking for Sports news from a specific channel, Entertainment videos in a specific language, happening issues from a specific location, you can access all this news in one click by creating a preference.
Get instant updates from your favorite channels by following them. You can also follow a topic to get continuous updates from different sources related to it.
News grouping:
News articles and videos from different sources on the same topic are grouped together so that user can read all of them at one shot.
More than providing the most relevant news, our search engine can group the related articles of a specific topic from different sources
Compare news from different sources:
One topic, many channels, so many perceptions, if you want to find the right information, you have to browse through so many sources. But with NewsDistill you can find and compare all that information in a moment at a glance.

Hot News:
You’ll be on top of all the hot news from any location, source and language with just a glance at our home page. NewsDistill’s intelligent algorithms bring all the mostly talked about and widely read articles to its home page so that user has access to all the important news without having to spend much time.
News Categorization:
The news from various sources is classified into several categories like Politics, Entertainment, and Sports etc… So the user can quickly access the news related to his interest.
Multilingual support:
Along with English, NewsDistill also supports multiple regional languages so the user can read news in the language he is comfortable in.
Offline reading:
NewsDistill saves the articles you have glanced at when you are online so that you can read them in your free time, even when you go offline.

All your favorite news channels:
NewsDistill lets you access news from all your favorite news channels in one place.
Stay up to date with all the breaking news as and when it happens with our Notifications.
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