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Printing documents and photos has gotten a lot easier over the past several years. Most people now use an inkjet printer and their desktop or notebook computer in lieu of using a publishing house because of the low cost, high quality, multi-colored output that they easily produce from their homes or offices.

Although laser printing is popular, the most favored printers in the marketplace incorporate ink jet technology. Today’s inkjet printers propel variable sized drops of printers ink onto a wide choice of media, including paper of various quality and sizes.

There are three main types of inkjet printers – thermal inkjets, piezoelectric inkjets, and continuous inkjets. The most popular by far are the piezoelectric inkjet printers.

Typically, piezoelectric jets deposit the printers ink directly onto you paper from a small chamber filled with printer’s ink that sits behind each nozzle. These printers are known for their speed. One of the fastest printers on the market, the RISO HC5500, can print up to 2 pages per second in full color. That’s an amazing 120 pages per minute.

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Piezoelectric (sometimes called Piezo) material changes its size or shape when an electric voltage is applied to it. The voltage causes it to force a drop of ink from the nozzle by generating a pressure pulse. Although the print heads are more expensive than other types of technology, Piezo ink jet printers offer consumers a wider choice of inks than either continuous or thermal ink jet printers.

Cartridges are readily available for every ink jet printer on the market. Manufacturers often offer their printers at very low prices and then encourage the people who buy them to always buy original equipment manufacturer replacement cartridges. These OEM cartridges are more expensive than remanufactured or compatible printers ink cartridges that, for the most part, do the same job and yield the same results.

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In today’s world, with all of our economic challenges, it is quite important to reduce costs as much as we can. Although we can’t lower our standards of quality, we must also keep the bottom line in mind. This is where buying and using generic printers ink cartridges can help.

However, before you do buy anything other than an OEM inkjet cartridge, do some research online because there are some printers that actually do have problems with generic printer ink cartridges.
Ideally you would have found this out before you bought your printer. But, if it’s after the fact, and you find your printer has some known issues, you can still save money by finding a reputable supplier who offers discounted OEM inkjet cartridges.

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If you spend a little bit of time searching the Internet you will be able to find a supplier that has been selling cartridges online for quite a few years – one that has built a reputation for good service along with good prices.

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