Vacation: Abuja taxi drivers complain of low patronage

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Vacation: Abuja taxi drivers complain of low patronage

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Taxi drivers that operate along the Abuja Federal High Court complex route have complained of low patronage since the courts began annual vacation on July 10.

There are 12 court rooms within the complex.

One of the drivers, Mr. Eche Sunday said, on Friday, in Abuja, that before the courts went on vacation, he usually made at least three trips to the court every day.

“The court is a lucrative spot because people always come to swear affidavits; lawyers come to file processes, people whose relatives are in court come to give them moral support.

“I go to other areas, but I prefer here; since the holidays started, as you can see everywhere is quiet, in fact if I see one passenger here now, I will thank God.”

Sunday explained that because of the vacation, he had to explore other routes, but once the courts resumed, he would resume plying the route more frequently.

Another driver, Mr. Eric Atobo also said that patronage had dropped since the vacation started.

According to Atobo, the passengers here are mostly the litigants and their supporters or relatives, but since it is only the vacation judge that is sitting, they don’t come around that often.

“At least, I know that during vacation, it is mostly cases of fundamental human rights that are heard or other urgent cases, so the number of people coming to the court has dropped drastically.

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“As a result, there are very few passengers to carry around the court. So I usually go to other parts of the town but I still come around since I am already used to this area.”

Atobo said that he had established relationships with some of his passengers, adding that he is a graduate of political science.

He said that he was using the taxi business to raise money to pursue his master’s degree in the same course, pending when he would get a job or start a business.

For Mr Kunle Popoola, “even though the court vacation has affected the number of passengers I am getting in a day, it has afforded me an opportunity to rest’’.

“I don’t get so many passengers again, but it has also helped me to rest a little because I don’t come out as early as I used to do before.

“At least, I will use this period to rest and spend more time with my children who are now on holidays, but I will resume full duties as soon as the courts resume.” (NAN)


Source: The Sun News