What is Process Control

In this whiteboard session, Jay Deakins, Founder and CEO of Deacom, discusses the process controls that DEACOM ERP software provides to batch and process-based manufacturing companies.

Topics covered in the video include:
– The actual processes that our customers are going through and how that single system ERP software model impacts them
– How Deacom’s software covers the entire formulation to shipment process
– How the formulation process drives Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
– The QC checks and stage gates that ensure the properties of raw materials and finished goods are what the manufacturers say they’re supposed to be
– The use of the Warehouse Management System (WMS) to issue materials to production
– How the document generation process is governed by the proper completion of all the processes that come before it

Visit http://www.deacom.com for more information.
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Process Control and Instrumentation by Prof.A.K.Jana,prof.D.Sarkar Department of Chemical Engineering,IIT Kharagpur. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in

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