With Minuteman 3 test, the missile is the message — the Pentagon hopes

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With Minuteman 3 test, the missile is the message — the Pentagon hopes
Aside from confirming technical soundness, Minuteman test launches are the U.S. military's way of sharpening the message that forms the foundation of U.S. nuclear deterrence theory — that if potential attackers believe U.S. nuclear missiles and bombs …
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A New Theory Makes Far Cry Primal's Takkar The Very First Assassin
The biggest piece of evidence given is the existence of other “Beast Masters” in the Far Cry universe, namely in Far Cry 4, where enemy troops demonstrate the ability to control animals and sic them on you, the way Takkar does in Primal. They also can …
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Arm Holdings geared up for the next technological revolution
It has cut the size and cost and improved the energy efficiency of chips so much that, in theory, they can be embedded into many everyday objects and devices. The company is at the forefront of … “We believe users should own their data and control …
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The real reason Donald Trump is winning: No one thought it was possible
In other words, the political science theories predicting that someone like Trump was highly unlikely to win a major-party nomination were so widely believed that they turned out to refute themselves. … I am not saying that Mitch McConnell and Paul …
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