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United States Postal Inspection Service. DeliveringJustice. Web of Deceit: Internet Fraud. A High Noon Bullet. Internet scams are like old wine in new bottles. Telemarketing and mail fraud scams are now coming to you from cyberspace. This tells the story of a scammer who uses the Internet to victimize unsuspecting consumers around the world until he gets caught in his own web of deceit. This also provides tips on what to watch out for when you do business on the Internet. Old Game, New Tricks.
When you’re online, be on guard, say U.S. Postal Inspectors: Be suspicious of emails that appear to be from banks, online auction sites or other retailers; Never use a link in an email to visit any website; Only purchase goods and services from sites you trust.
Examine all offers before purchasing. Whether it’s auction fraud or identity theft; reshipping scams or foreign lotteries, be cautious and be smart. For more information on Internet fraud, visit Producer: U.S. Postal Inspection Service. Creative Commons license: Public Domain


Robert Pralgo
Leigh Hill
Joe Washington

A High Noon Film

Written and Directed by Les Rayburn
Executive Producer: Inspector Christopher Giusti
Creative Director: Daniel Mihalko
Technical Advisors: Inspector Greg S. Crabb, Inspector Barry Mew
Line Producer: Abby Rayburn
Video Rating: / 5