Random funny facts – Achmed the Dead Terrorist Puppet – Silence I Kill You – Hilarious!

If you've never heard of the then just take a look over on some of the various video sharing websites or do a search for him. He really is one of the funniest things in the world right now. Just 10 minutes listening to him will have you laughing so hard you can't stop!

Achmed is a , but he is way more than that. He is the skeletonised corpse of a suicide bomber, one who is absolutely rubbish at what he is meant to do, completely incompetent! His owner Jeff Dunham had the bright idea of making him, and brings the idea of terorists into the realm of comedy.

A great way to approach Terrorism, Achmed is blessed with a string of one liners such as " I You", and "The Suicide Hotline". If you are in need of a good laugh be sure to watch him.

Recently Achmed sang a christmas song called Jingle Bombs, having audiences in fits of laughter up and down the country.

Achmed the dead terrorist, a terrifying terrorist, believes he is not actually dead, and isnists that it is just a flesh wound he has been afflicted with, instead of premature detonation, as he often likes to refer to!

The amazing popularity of this famed puppet has brought a whole array of related products inot the limelight, from other videos, ringtones and wallpapers! yep, you can have "Silence I kill You" from Achmed the dead terrorist as your ringtone.. how cool!

If you need a good laugh then take 30 minutes now and go and make yourself laugh with Achmed! It will be the best 30 minutes you ever spent!
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